Payment of materials at The Swedish School of Textiles

You as a student must pay with Swish or Bank Payment every time you take materials. You can make you payment with a bank card also at Student Reception. This is so that it does not grow into large sums that are difficult to pay in the end. In some courses, it includes a cost for materials and this must be paid in connection with the start of the course.

Use Swish to pay your materials or Use Bank Payment if you are an international or exchange students without access to Swish.

Bank Payment should be made by the end of each course at latest.

Questions: Please ask the staff in the lab regarding amount to be paid.

Here you have a guide for Bank payment of textile materials for international students. Payment should be made by the end of each course at latest. Consult with lab-technician so that payment is noted or if questions arise regarding amount to be paid.

Swish payment

Swish number for paying: 1235966635
The information that the school automatically receives on a swish payment is as follows:
- Payment Amount
- Phone
- Name of telephone subscriber (your own name in normal case)
- Date
When paying with Swish you can enter your own text, but max 28 characters.
In text fields, it should always be specified which lab the payment is due to, for example, knitting lab.
If you do not own the phone subscription, you should also enter your name. If a friend pays for you with swish, your name must be entered in the text field (in addition to the name of the lab).

The lab names that should be specified when paying are one of the following:
- Color and Printing Design (shortened FTD)
- Color and Printing Technique (shortened FTT)
- Knitting
- Sewing
- Digital Crafts Lab (shortened DCL)
- Weaving
- Textile lab ( If the lab is not listed above)

Receipts: Not available, but a statement from own bank usually serves as a basis for reimbursement/accounting where required.