Orientation Days

The Orientation Days 14-15 January 2021

The purpose of the Orientation Days is both to provide students new to Sweden with information about Sweden and what to expect from your studies here in Borås. It is an opportunity for students to familiar themselves with the different services at the university and meet the people behind them.The Orientation days are mandatory for exchange students and open to all international students.

Because of the corona pandemic, the orientation days will be held online for the spring semester 2021. It will be organized in 2 sessions in Zoom; Thursday 14 January 13:00-16:00 and Friday 15 January 9:00-13:00. The content will be the same in both sessions. Several voluntary activities and information sessions will be organised in connection to the start of the semester by both the International Office, The student Union and other departments at the university. The schedule will be updated continuously. Links to information sessions in Zoom will be provided in the schedule.

During the Orientation Days we will use three different platforms; Zoom, PingPong and Facebook. More information about them and how to access them can be found below.


Thursday 14 January

11:00-12:00 Online campus tour, live on Facebook or zoom: https://hb-se.zoom.us/j/68926840616In cooperation with the Student Union.

13:00-16:00 Orientation Day. Practical information about the university of Borås and Sweden. https://hb-se.zoom.us/j/62848922558

Friday 15 January

09:00-12:00 Orientation Day. Practical information about the university of Borås and Sweden. https://hb-se.zoom.us/j/63281896493

Monday 18 January

09:30 -12:00 Introduction with the Student Union - practical information and social activities for students by students. More information can be found here: Student Union in Borås (external link).

Only exchange students

13:00-13:30 Exchange students can pick up access tags in the library.


Zoom is a software for e-meetings that the University uses for distance lecturing. During the Orientation Days we will be using this for the live sessions. The link to the live sessions will be uploaded on this webpage. During all live sessions, there will be time to ask question to the presenters and the International Office. Visit our website for more information about how to use zoom.


PingPong is the University of Borås learning platform. Here you will receive all written information from your teachers, you might participate in discussions, group work, hand in assignments as well as interact with students and teachers. In the activity International Students Autumn 2020 we will collect all presentations from the live sessions, presentations from services that has not be able to give a live presentation and more detailed practical information. The information will be available here during the whole academic year. New students will be invited around midday on 13 January. If you have not been given access by 15 January, write an email to internationalstudent@hb.se and we will help you. Visit our website for more information about PingPong and to login.


We will use Facebook as a platform for informal and social interactions. Although the International Office is not able to organise any social events, we will give you tips and ideas of things you can do in Borås and students are welcome to use the group to invite other students to meet up and do something together. The page is only open to new international students and all applications to join are checked against Ladok. No important information will be presented only on Facebook so if you are not comfortable using it, it is not necessary. Join the Facebook group.

Other practical Information

Schedule and start of classes – Consult the Program and Course activities in PingPong
Access tags  -  Degree seeking students will receive more in the programme activity in PingPong, exchange students will receive information separately.
Welcome bags will be available where you pick up the access tags.

All questions are welcome at internationalstudent@hb.se and we will do our best to give you an answer as soon as possible.