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Brazil-Sweden Waste Recovery

The project goal is to increase the collaboration within Waste Recovery. Borås city was one of the pioneers in Sweden to reduce landfill and convert waste to energy, fuel and materials. Since 2006, University of Borås, together with the City of Borås, Borås Energy & Environment Ltd and SP worked together to transfer knowledge and technology in waste management and resource recovery from Sweden to other countries. These parts have formed a network in Boras called "Waste Recovery in Borås - International Partnership" in collaboration with several private companies and municipality organizations.

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The purpose of this project is to establish "sister network" to our network in Borås in some Brazilian cities and collaborate with them. Primarily, we collaborate with Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The goal of these networks is to contribute to sustainable development and create business opportunities in waste management through collaborative projects between Brazilian and Swedish actors.

Impact and results

  1. Establish cooperation between various regional actors in three different Brazilian regions on waste management and link them to the waste recovery International partnership in Borås.
  2. Define the specific research and educational issues of cooperation between Brazilian universities and University of Borås.
  3. Attracting more top students from Brazil to University of Borås to study in the relevant fields,
  4. Stimulating research and education in local universities in Brazil in the relevant fields.
  5. Identify the Brazilian companies that are or may be active in waste management and link them to the corresponding Swedish companies.
  6. Contribute to give opportunities for Swedish environmental companies to establish on the Brazilian market. This could maybe be possible by license or joint-venture enterprising.
  7. Define concrete proposals that can be implemented in collaboration between the Swedish and Brazilian firms.
  8. Seeking financing from private sector, the local and central authorities in Brazil, Sweden, EU and International funds for continuation of this project.

In collaboration with:

  • Borås Energi och Miljö Ltd
  • SP Swedish Technical Research Institute
  • Biogas Systems Nordic Ltd
  • Purac Environmental Ltd
  • Vokes Air/Scandfilter Ltd
  • Metso Power Ltd