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Ethanol production from lignocelluloses by encapsulated and flocculating yeast

Encapsulation and flocculation of fermenting yeast greatly improves the major factors in fermentation performance in ligocellulose hydrolyzates: ethanol yield, production rate, and sugar conversion.

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This project aims to further improve the fermentation performance of encapsulated and flocculating yeast systems, and to enable conversion between lab and industry, by:

  • improving the encapsulation processes to achieve long-term robust cultivation of lignocellulose hydrolyzates a minimum cost
  • clarifying the cellular mechanisms leading to improved tolerance, yields, production rates and sugar conversion, by a detailed physiiological study of encapsulated and flocculating yeast in hydrolyzates
  • simulating the entire process, optimizing the process regarding the energy requirement, and performing an economical evaluation.

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