Honours 2023

Hamid Movaffaghi, Marita Cronqvist, Nasrine Olsson, Marjan Kooroshnia, Firouze Pourmand Hilmersson, Hanna Landin (Chair of the Artistic Research and Education Board), Eva Gustafsson (Chair of the Research and Education Board), Getahun Yacob Abraham, Fardin Saedpanah. Photo: Anna Sigge


  • Agnes Nagy
    Concrete Engineering
  • Erik Eriksson 
    Public Administration with a Specialisation in Management, Governance, and Organisation in Healthcare
  • Fardin Saedpanah 
  • Firouze Pourmand Hilmersson
    Business Administration
  • Getahun Yacob Abraham
    Educational Work
  • Hamid Movaffaghi 
    Structural Engineering
  • Marita Cronqvist 
    Educational Work
  • Marjan Kooroshnia 
    Textile Design
  • Nasrine Olsson
    Library and Information Science