Borås is Student City of the Year

The award was due to be announced at a press conference on Thursday. This was cancelled when the Public Health Agency of Sweden on Wednesday further strengthened the recommendations around the novel coronavirus in regards to social distancing.

Instead, the celebration of the award is planned in connection with Introduction for the autumn term. That’s when Student City of the Year Borås will be inaugurated by the various parties who receive the prize: the City of Borås, the Student Union of Borås, the University of Borås, and Borås Näringsliv, together with SFS.

Matilda Strömberg, Chair of SFS, explains why Borås has received the award:

“What stood out when the jury made a site visit to Borås is the collaboration in Student City Borås and how it has improved the life of the students. The students' voice is heard, partly in the work to develop the education given, but also in the work to develop Borås as a city. The business community must also be mentioned as an important party that improves everyday life and the future of those who study here,” she says.

What does the award for Borås as Student City of the Year mean?

John Lindskog, Chair of the Student Union of Borås:

“It feels great, of course! However, I would like to emphasise that this is a relay race in which I and this year's board were lucky enough to be included at the time when we received the award, but the good collaboration, which has strongly contributed to Borås’s having received the award, has been going on for several years and will continue in the future; so there are many members of the Student Union who have been involved in this. Hopefully, more people will apply to Borås and the University of Borås when they understand the opportunities that exist here.”

Mats Tinnsten, Vice-Chancellor, University of Borås:

“The award is the result of excellent collaboration between all parties involved. A work that, with great commitment, has been going on for a long time. The award inspires continued work to profile and develop Student City Borås for current and future students. We have done a lot, but there is more to be done – let this award be the starting point for future work in the same spirit of collaboration.”

Ulf Olsson (S), Municipal Council Chair of the City of Borås:

“This award is a very good response to the fact that our collaboration for the best interests of the students is work that delivers results. The collaboration between the city, the Student Union, the university, and the business community has been going on for years and there is no doubt that all parties want the same thing – we are doing this together for the students.”

Annette Carlson (M), Municipal Council First Vice-Chair of the City of Borås:

“Students are incredibly important for Borås, for innovation, and for the development of the municipality. Now that we have received this award, I hope that even more students will find their way to our university and discover all the benefits of studying in a city like Borås that has a campus in the city centre, a progressive university, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit at our companies.”


The city that receives the Student City of the Year award is to be characterised by good collaboration between students, the city, and the university, and it is with pride that SFS names Borås as Student City of the Year 2020/2021.

The award goes to a city that is not afraid of new challenges. A city that always has development in focus. A city that prides itself on its students. A city that is prepared to do everything to help students thrive – before, during, and after their education.

The City of Borås, the University of Borås, the Student Union of Borås, and Borås Näringsliv conduct structured and continuous work through their steering group, Studentstad Borås, and its three working groups.

The working groups work with different specialisations to create the conditions for Borås to become a better student city to live and work in. The students, through the Student Union, have been an important starting point in what should be discussed and prioritised, which makes it clear that Borås values its students.

About the award

Student City of the Year is an award from the Swedish National Union of Students which, since 1999, is awarded annually to a city that actively works to improve students' circumstances and lives. SFS is an association of student unions at Swedish higher education institutions that has existed since 1921 and, in total, represents just over a quarter of a million students.

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