New honorary doctor developed the educational environment

Romulo Enmark was head of the Swedish School of Library and Information Science from 1993 to 1997. Thereafter, he was the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Borås. After his years at the University of Borås, he continued his academic career as Vice-Chancellor at Halmstad University and the Swedish Defence University.

Appointment of an honorary doctor is an expression of the university's appreciation of an individual's very distinguished contributions to the university. Romulo Enmark will be awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Library and Information Science.

During his time as Head of the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, Romulo Enmark’s crucial efforts developed an educational environment that had long been a vocational training environment into the strong and internationally distinguished academic education and training research environment it is today.

Through his dynamic leadership, professorships were created, an internationally leading research centre in cultural policy research was founded, and a doctoral education programme in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg was founded.

“I am extremely happy and honoured as well as rather surprised. I thought that my efforts, which I was then very proud of at the time, had been forgotten – not least considering that I myself have so rarely had time to think about them. That’s the way life is, thankfully.  Being suddenly and unexpectedly appointed honorary doctor decades after my efforts is an honour that goes far beyond anything I could have imagined," says Romulo Enmark.

The importance of an honorary doctor

An honorary doctor is a person who has had and continues to have significance to a university's development. By having the right to grant doctoral degrees, the university can, through honorary doctors, pay homage to those who are important to the university.

"Romulo Enmark's efforts have been of great importance to the development of the Swedish School of Library and Information Science. Therefore, it is extremely gratifying to now be able to appoint him honorary doctor; this will even more strongly connect us together," says Mats Tinnsten, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Borås.

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Romulo Enmark will be appointed honorary doctor at the University of Borås’s Academic Ceremony on 17 April 2020.

Text: Johanna Avadahl
Photo: Rickard Kilström
Translation: Eva Medin