Chairs a short paper session in multiple time zones

Hello Ola Pilerot! You moderated a short paper session today. What was it about?

"There were three researchers who each presented their own portion. It was partly on a small study of how teaching staff at higher education institutions search for and use open learning resources. Our former colleague, Olof Sundin, who is now at Lund University, had a theoretical, exciting contribution that was about search engines, about how search engines are all around us. Finally, a paper on the use of digital tools, mobiles, and more was presented on small children's use of digital tools.”

Is there anything special that you will take with you from the research that was presented?

"All three studies were interesting, but Olof Sundin's contribution is perhaps what I particularly have reason to return to.”

What was your role?

“Being ‘session chair, like a moderator, means that you welcome everyone, introduce yourself and the others, keep track of time, and guide the discussion. This was the first time I did it digitally. I was sitting in my office and while I was following the discussion, I was watching the chat where people asked questions and ‘raised their hands’ to get the floor.”

What was it like doing the work from the office?

"It went well. I had great help from my Zoom host, a smart student who helped with the technical aspects. At the same time, it is a bit comical seeing yourself all the time. At the same time as you are keeping track of the chat and time, you have to look interested and relaxed, ha ha. Some 50 people participated from China, USA, Uganda, Nässjö was a real mix.”

How do you think the transition to a digital conference has gone so far?

"It's absolutely fantastic that our employees have been able to make this switch in two weeks. It works well and we can learn a lot from this experience; we wouldn't have to travel as much as we do. On the other hand, I am also reminded of what I like about conferences, that you come across people in different constellations and meet in a different way. It isn’t quite the same to do it in this form.”

Text: Lina Färm
Translation: Eva Medin