Researchers can apply for funding

CVS will focus on several activities in 2020. A few weeks ago, a planning grant was announced for researchers at the University of Borås to have the opportunity to produce an application for at least two external research councils and/or funders. There was interest and CVS was able to allocate funds to three of the applications.

Now the next call is ongoing. This time there is a call to apply for funding to carry out a limited research task within the framework of one of the following three focus areas.

What is the idea behind this call?

“We want to contribute to the development of society by problematising and analysing the challenges of welfare. The goal of CVS's operations is to work with cross-border and interdisciplinary analyses where research is carried out in collaboration with external actors,” says Marita Flisbäck Associate Professor and Director of the centre.

How will applications be assessed?

“All applications are sent to the CVS steering group, which assesses and processes the applications at the CVS steering group meeting at the end of April. Decisions will be sent out shortly thereafter.”

What is important to consider when applying?

"In addition to clarity when it comes to the purpose and the research questions, it is important that the research or analysis task to be performed is well defined, delineated, and possible to perform. We want the project to start in 2020 and for the funds to be used preferably this year, so the timetable is important to think through.”

What does it mean that there should be "collaboration with external actors" in order to receive research support?

"Being cross-university and collaborating with the rest of society is a central part of the centre's contribution to the university's activities. We are a complement to the research groups in this way. That there is collaboration with an external welfare actor and that the project is thus cross-border or interdisciplinary is essential. This may involve collaboration with organisations in the area of welfare, state, regional or municipal activities, private actors or representatives of civil society. In addition, we encourage collaboration projects with participants from different Faculties or with other higher education institutions.”

The application must be submitted by email to:  to CVS no later than 24 April.

Three focus areas

1) Cross-sectorial and collaborative organisation for a sustainable welfare society.
2) Governance, management, and organisation for competence provision in welfare.
3) The challenges and opportunities of digitalisation for the organisation of welfare and its professions and users.

Text: Henrik Grönberg
Photo: Andrea Jonsson
Illustration: CVS
Translation: Eva Medin