Now it’s time to make a big change to the university website!

The first step in the transition from EPiserver 6 to EPiserver 11 is a so-called migration. This means that material that can be moved between the systems will be moved from the website’s currently published version to the new website’s as-yet-unpublished work environment.

"We can move quite a lot! However, since we have chosen to reduce the number of page types and blocks, not everything will follow along. The purple layout block is one such function. In such a case, each editor can go in and edit the page once they get access to the new website's work environment,” says Ida Danell, Project Leader for the web system’s changeover.

The goal is for editors to have access to the new website’s work environment on 1 June and for the new website to be published before Midsummer.

"It will look different, but recognisably so. The structure and content will be the same as before but the design of the pages and navigation will have changed. The major changes are mainly on the backend and in the search function," she continues.

Currently, major efforts are underway to fill the new website with content and to fine-tune its functions.

"There's a lot left to do, but it's going to be really great in the end," concludes Ida Danell.

Read more in the web editors' FAQ on their blog (Swedish only).