Ricky – the university's "Global Swede 2020"

As a driven and engaged student and entrepreneur, and with a large social network, Ricky will be an excellent ambassador for Sweden. That’s what is written in the nomination, among other things.

What does the nomination mean to you?

“I feel extremely grateful for the nomination. I think the studies are fun and always do my best without any special expectations. It is an honour to be named Global Swede. When I got the message I thought it must be part of Swedish culture, that as a student you have complete freedom to do what you want and if you really go in for it then you will in some way be rewarded for it. It will be great fun to meet all the other students who have also been named Global Swede, even if we only meet online.”

You come from Indonesia and chose to study on the Master's programme Resource Recovery. Why this programme and why Sweden?

“I think recycling is the best way to manage a sustainable future. Why it came to be in Sweden and at the University of Borås is because this is where the best education in resource recovery is found. The studies here exceed my expectations. The teachers are open to discussion and most lectures are held by experts in the field.”

What are your plans after finishing your Master's studies?

“I want to continue studying at the doctoral level and then preferably with something about resource recovery, recycling of waste.”

On 28 May, Ricky and all the other students appointed to Global Swede participated in a ceremony with diploma awards and a speech by the Minister for Foreign Trade, Anna Hallgren. Normally, the ceremony is held in Stockholm, but due to prevailing circumstances with the novel coronavirus pandemic, the ceremony was held digitally via Zoom.


“Ricky is a top student in the Master's programme Resource Recovery - Applied Biotechnology at the Swedish Center for Resource Recovery, University of Borås. His enthusiasm and curiosity to learn and develop in this area are admirable and his entrepreneurial spirit promotes innovation. His team spirit and dedication inspire both the students and teachers around him. He has a large network and communicates via social media and group chats with both Swedish and international students. Ricky will be an excellent ambassador for Sweden!”

Via link Ricky explained how is wants to contribute to a sustainable society (external link). 

About Global Swede
Every year, the Swedish Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organise a ceremony in which overseas students at Swedish universities are nominated to be a Global Swede. The purpose of the ceremony is to highlight foreign students and their importance as ambassadors for Sweden, to encourage and engage students to maintain their relationship with Sweden and their higher education institution after completing their studies, and to act as ambassadors for their country's relations with Sweden as a potential resource for Swedish businesses in their home country and as ambassadors for Sweden as a destination for higher education.