Retendo – a new employment planning system

"Retendo is to be a system that supports us in doing our job, not a system that governs us. It is important to remember that employment planning is in itself a process performed by managers. The system used, whether it is our old TFU or the new Retendo, is only a tool for collecting the data used for planning and follow-up,” explains Pro-Vice-Chancellor Kim Bolton, project leader for Retendo’s implementation.

"Our new system is also used by 17 other universities. That fact in itself, that it be a standard system, was something that was a clear desire from the Academies when it came to changing systems.”

The Department of Engineering and the Swedish School of Library and Information Science have now been selected to be pilot subjects for the new system, and their Heads of Department and Directors of Studies have so far received an introduction to how the work is to be done. Other Heads of Department and Directors of Studies will receive more information later in the project.

Clarify the role of managers

In parallel with the implementation of the project, HR and Deans of Faculty will also be conducting work to change the culture at the university around the use of an employment planning system.

"It is important that the problems that existed in the processes associated with the previous system are identified and that we find new solutions. The role of managers in the employment planning process needs to be made clear," concludes Kim Bolton.