Start of the introduction of the Canvas learning platform

The University of Borås has for many years used the learning platform PING PONG, but now the work to switch to Canvas has begun.

"This is a system that affects an enormous number of people at the university, both students and employees. We are pleased to be able to start work on introducing a new, more user-friendly learning platform," says Hanna Markusson, Director of the Academic Affairs Office, who is leading the project.

"The work is expected to take less than two years. Initially, we will now draw up a project plan and timetable for the work. We have also already issued a request for pilot users who, during the spring, want to be involved in testing the system. We have received the names of several who are interested but are happy to receive more, especially within the Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business as well as the Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare.”

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Be a pilot user of Canvas (employee news article, September 2020)