They build bridges for a sustainable society

This is a translation of an article from 2020-10-16

What is happening during the autumn within your centre?

We have a workshop in October with our reference group with participants from business and industry and the public.

What is the long-term vision of this centre?

To become a natural hub regarding collaboration between the university's research and the surrounding society with a special focus on construction and housing.

What is the major societal challenge you are working on right now?

More sustainable housing at all levels. We also include integration and exclusion in this.

Are there any special projects underway that you would like to tell us about?

The project we receive the most inquiries about is "Living labs in Borås," which is intended to be a so-called test bed for several of the school's research settings. It's exciting! We are currently also working on a project with social sustainability and what it means.

Another exciting piece is the RE: Concrete project, which deals with the challenge of reducing the climate impact of the single most used building material for apartment buildings: concrete.

Furthermore, we work very closely with our other centres and Science Park Borås regarding current research and development issues.


There are five centres at the University of Borås. The purpose of these centres is to strengthen networks which aim to contribute to quality development of the university's education and research.

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