Personalised employee website entry page introduced

Developing a personalised employee website entry page was a request from Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten.

“For me, it's important that managers have a tool that facilitates communication with employees. Through a personalised employee website entry page, there will be a clear channel where all the information that employees need is gathered,” said Mats Tinnsten.

The employee website entry page is to be the primary channel that delivers information to both managers and employees.

The employee website itself will remain as is; what will be added is an attractive start page where you as an employee can log in and receive information specifically addressed to you. The information will be directed to you based on your role and organisational affiliation. It will also be possible to choose among other features and tools in order to personalise the entry page further.

Director of Communications Office Annie Andréasson clarifies that this is not the same as introducing a traditional intranet: “Introducing an intranet is a much larger project, and that is not what is being planned at this time. In this project, the important thing is to create an entry page where you, as an employee, receive information customised for you.”

The solution now being developed will provide the possibility to connect with selected functions of Office 365 in the future, depending on which of the modules the university uses.