Researchers can learn more about “impact” on 15 September

We asked Jan Tengwall, Innovation Advisor, and Zuleyma Montenegro De Rynge, Legal Counsel, about what researchers can expect from the upcoming webinar.  

“This event will provide concrete information about how to formulate a good text for the impact section in research applications. GIO Innovation Advisor Stefan Dahlin will provide tips, expertise, and show successful examples,” said Zuleyma Montenegro De Rynge. 

“There will also be some discussion of new forms of impact. Many people think about scientific publishing, patents, or starting companies, but it's not only about such traditional activities. The impact of research results can take different forms that can be developed during the course of the project. Impact might mean influencing legislators, teaching, being a basis for investigations, or, for example, leading to spin-off projects.”

How important is it to be able to write about impact in research funding applications?
“It's really important. More and more funders are looking at this. They want to know that researchers have an idea of what the project is to lead to, and how the results can be utilised and used in the future. That's one of the questions that we at GIO help with, to articulate impact. It can mean having an advantage over other projects by showing that you've thought a step further,” said Jan Tengwall.

Has it been the case that researchers have missed out on funding due to not writing enough about impact?
“Yes, it is. Some funders justify their rejections and there have been such examples. It is also possible to look at it the other way: it has rarely been the case that we see that someone has received funding but did not include a good impact section in their application,” said Jan Tengwall.

Webinars are a new concept for GIO; what are your thoughts on this format?
“We hope it will be a good way to keep in contact with our researchers, expecting an interactive dialogue where the researchers can ask questions in the chat,” said Zuleyma Montenegro De Rynge.

The webinar will be led by Innovation Advisor Stefan Dahlin and will be held in English.

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