Student Entrepreneur of the Year awarded SEK 15,000 for his sustainable packaging business idea

This is the fourth year in a row that Drivhuset, together with the University of Borås, Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad, and Sparbanken Sjuhärad, has awarded the scholarship Student Company of the Year. The Student Company of the Year scholarship consists of SEK 15,000 and is awarded to a student or a student company that works with sustainable development and who wants to take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey.

Shahab Nasr said in a press release from Drivhuset about his concept, “My business idea is to synthesise a waterborne resin that can be used as a coating to protect products. What is unique about this product is that it will capture carbon dioxide from the air while acting as a barrier.”

In their reasoning for awarding him the scholarship, the jury praised Shahab Nasr's business concept, which they believe has a high level of innovation with great potential to minimise environmental impact and promote sustainability in the construction, paper, and textile industries. The scholarship has been awarded to him so that he can start his company and develop it.

“Shahab's commitment and expertise in its solution will take him far. His product will revolutionise the industry by offering sustainable packaging options. Shahab is a good example of a student who develops his studies at the university and his idea development in Drivhuset's processes,” said Sarah Norving at Drivhuset in Borås.

Shahab would like to thank his supervisor, Mikael Skrifvars, and his previous mentor, Saied Noori, for the support he has received.

The jury consisted of:
Marie Widen (University of Borås/Science Park Borås), Ingrid Aronsson (Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad), Peter Karlsson Lund (Drivhuset i Borås/Exekutiv), Viktor Evermyr, (Sparbanken Sjuhärad), Oscar Lisnell (University of Borås), and last year's winners of the scholarship, Ida Johansson (Turn Consulting).

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