Sustainable design for the Academic Ceremony – see the new academic gowns take shape

During the Academic Ceremony, the university's new professors are installed and new doctors are promoted. Such occasions are traditional ceremonies that have been held in Sweden since the 17th century. During the doctoral conferment ceremony, the new doctors are awarded the insignia signifying learning: a hat or a laurel wreath, a diploma, and a doctor's ring.

Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten was installed as Vice-Chancellor at the Academic Ceremony held in 2019. He has requested a new design for the gowns worn at the ceremony by the committee Chair, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, and the promotors, those who award the doctoral degrees*. The previous full-length gowns were designed in 2014. Their design and strong colours in purple, red, and turquoise brought to mind Christian worship services and they were very warm to wear. 

Elements from both classic suit jackets and kimonos

Majli af Ekenstam received her Master's degree in Textile Design in 2021. Today, she works as a designer and teaches design at the Swedish School of Textiles. She has designed a gown that can be more easily worn by those of different heights. The design includes elements from both classic suit jackets and kimonos. The dark blue, light wool fabric comes from Rekotex and is leftover stock from the production of other garments.

Some kind of simpler, timeless embellishment is also planned, which will signal the role of the wearer in the ceremony. Recently, Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten was shown the first finished gown along with various suggestions for embellishment. See the film about the new academic gowns. 

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* a promoter is a professor who awards insignia to those doctors who are being conferred doctoral degrees.