Change to distance learning led to challenges in regards to exams

Lena Tyrén, Director of the Student Centre, told us how it went:

"It was a tough transition that required hard work. This has meant new tasks and working methods for many, but by working together, we managed to conduct a large number of Zoom-supervised exams during weeks 1–3. In addition, many people asked about the exams in WISEflow, which is splendid.”

"It has not always been completely optimal for everyone, but obviously this is a pandemic, so we all have to be flexible. Planning for new forms of exams in a short period of time is tough,” she said.

She indicates that it has been challenging to get everyone to use the shared solutions and that many want special solutions.

"Unfortunately, this is not 'doable' in a situation like this. It has also been difficult to get students to absorb the information. There is a greater amount of information than the students are used to in advance of exams but it is necessary that they read it and are well prepared for the distance exam! Some have been very well prepared but many have not read the information at all," she said.

We talked to a couple of teachers to find out more about their experiences of the transition. These are two voices out of many; sharing such experiences is very valuable. If you have a tip you want to share, you can email

Kamran Rousta, teaches in the Energy Engineering Programme

Sina Seipel, teaches in several programmes in the textile field