Looking for information on research methods?

If you are about to start working on your student thesis, you might be thinking a bit about which method you will use. The library obviously has a lot of books on the subject of research methods, but in this article we want inform you about one of our databases, a database that focuses on methods of social science.

SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods is a database containing more than 1 000 e-books and journal articles on scientific methods in the social sciences. In addition, there are instructional videos produced by academics from the social sciences as well as academics in medicine and health, science and technology. The database also contains dictionary definitions, case studies, datasets, etc.

Apart from searching in the database, you can also use the tool called Method Map. The Method Map allows you to browse through all de different categories of methods, and search based on the categories you find interesting.

If you want help finding information about your method, or if you need any other kind of search support, you can book a time with a librarian.

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Link to SAGE Research Methods

Information about the database from SAGE