Student survey about the pandemic ready for further analysis

The focus of this autumn’s survey was to find out how students used the campus during the autumn, how they experienced the university's operations, and how they were faring. No comparison with the spring results is possible as the situation around the pandemic has changed since the spring survey and it was thus not possible to ask exactly the same questions.

The survey was conducted by one of the sub-projects within Project Corona. The project group has not carried out any analysis of the results; the report is largely a compilation of answers and comments.

“The hope in regards to the survey is that it will form the basis for discussions about how the university can make things easier for students in the future when it comes to issues such as structure in distance studies, social settings, students' psychosocial health, adaptations on campus, and more,” said Katharina Nordling, Librarian and Project Manager for the sub-project Students' Work and Learning Environments, which ended at the turn of the year.

A total of 548 students responded to the autumn survey.

The student barometer is expected to provide more answers

At the University of Borås, a compilation of another survey is also underway right now, namely the 2020 Student Barometer. It is a survey done with the university's students that has been conducted annually since 2010. There, a comparison will be made with the results from the 2019 Student Barometer. The hope is to thereby get a better indicator of how students are faring and experiencing their studies at the moment. The results of the Student Barometer will be published in a report on 8 February.

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