Film highlights gender roles in healthcare

Portrait om Lamprini Xiarchi and illustrated statistics: 75 percent of NHS staff are women. 33 percent in senior positions are women. A woman is looking at a sign with the text "nursing" , thinking it's a female occupation.

The film that the doctoral students have produced shows the careers of two fictional characters, Anna and Eric. It follows them from their choice to study to be a nurse and the reactions of those around them, to how their careers develop over the following years when forming a family and onwards. The film is based on European studies, said Lamprini Xiarchi.

“Scandinavian societies promote gender equality, but there are still wage differences and there are more men in leadership positions.”

Similar findings apply to several countries across Europe with gender persisting as a determining factor in nurse leadership.

“Gender disparity in the nursing sector is likely underpinned by sociocultural norms that hold women in ‘softer’ and more caring roles, while men become more suited for the ‘harder’ leadership positions.”

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The film is a complement to the upcoming Gender & Leadership report: A cross-national investigation of gender imbalance in leaders of nursing and directions for mediation to influence policy, which was written in collaboration between Lamprini Xiarchi and two doctoral student colleagues, Emma Balkin of Aalborg University and Jayme Tauzer of Birmingham City University. They are part of the research project INNOVATEDIGNITY, which has received funding from the EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020.

The film was developed as a way to communicate the results to a wider audience. The work on it also included Ioanna Zygouri of the University of Ioannina. Graham Ogilvie animated the story of Eric and Anna, which is based on scientific results.

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