Science Park Borås now partner in New European Bauhaus – for a sustainable society

This is an article from Science Park Borås which is part of the University of Borås.

New European Bauhaus can be seen as a movement that wants to create sustainable societal development based on inclusion, diversity, accessibility, sustainability, creativity, and innovation and is part of the European strategy agenda European Green Deal.

“With the New European Bauhaus, the EU opens up in order to, together with cultural and social actors from all over the world, co-create a new society, from the top down and from the bottom up. The idea is to ‘prototype’ the climate-neutral society of the future together with our citizens and we are proud that Science Park Borås has been chosen to be involved and shape the process that will ensure that we succeed in this,” said Ulrika Nilsson, Project Leader at Science Park Borås.

The organisations in the Bauhaus partnership have been selected based on their opportunities to reach out, inspire, and act as a motivator in networks and collaborations from the local to the international. Out of almost 600 applicants, 139 partners have been selected to create a community that can grow into a movement to promote sustainable societal development.

Ulrika Nilsson described the role of Science Park Borås as being a partner: “As a partner, we want to contribute knowledge and ideas based on our ongoing work in innovation and sustainable development, where Agenda 2030 is the guiding star. In its role as a partner, Science Park Borås wants to promote the development of products, processes, and system solutions that contribute to a sustainable, attractive, and inclusive lifestyle linked to fashion, furniture, interior design, food, or other elements in our everyday lives.”

The work within the initiative is to be carried out in three phases, where the first part that is ongoing is about including creative forces and shaping the process. The second phase starts in September 2021 and focuses on implementation and pilot projects. The projects must have been completed in 2023, when the third and final phase begins and which focuses on spreading the ideas and concepts that have been developed.

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