With the future right around the corner

Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten said, “I am very proud of our talented students who have performed so well. They have successfully managed their studies in the middle of a pandemic. I congratulate the labour market, which is now receiving this fantastic new influx of competency. To all students graduating today: Good luck in the future!”

One of the most well-known graduation ceremonies is EXIT, where, among other things, fashion and textile design students will show their degree projects and collections. The vernissage will be broadcast online at 12:00. The fashion show will be at 15:00.  These are open to the public.

“EXIT21 will be great, although of course we would have preferred to carry it out on campus with plenty of pomp and circumstance. However, everyone who wants to can now enjoy a digital fashion show and also a digital vernissage,” said Pauline Wihlstrand, Communications Officer at the Swedish School of Textiles.

Celebrate graduation digitally

The graduation ceremony for the university's police students was to be a grand and solemn ceremony in a packed Borås Congres Centre, but will instead be a live broadcast in which the students, connected from home, can follow speeches, performances, and scholarships from campus.

“It is those students who have completed term four with us at the university who have their graduation ceremony today. For them, a six-month cadet placement awaits them before they receive their police degree from the Swedish Police Authority,” explained Jonas Sehlin, Communications Officer at the Faculty of Police Work.

And there will be digital ceremonies for all graduating students on Thursday and Friday. For example, the librarianship programme will celebrate on Thursday and the nursing programme on Friday. At the Department of Information Technology, there will be a joint graduation ceremony for all the department’s educational programmes, in which Fredrik Logenius, Alumnus of the Year, a former student of one of the programmes, will give a speech to those students who are now graduating.

Welcome back!

But our students’ relationship with the university does not end with graduation. All graduates are warmly welcomed back as alumni to participate in various collaborations or to support their lifelong learning.

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