Outlook – the university's new email system

The switch to Outlook is the first step in the introduction of Microsoft 365. In 2018, a feasibility study was begun to investigate the possibility and the effects of moving to a more Microsoft-based solution for the IT environment, which would mean a comprehensive system with various functions that employees need. In December 2019, the Head of Professional Services decided that it was time to start work on introducing Microsoft 365, and in January 2021, the Vice-Chancellor made the final decision to change systems.

“Our previous email system had reached a point where it was necessary to make a change. The system did not meet the needs of the university; among other things, it was not possible to integrate other collaboration tools that we need. Thus, the change of email system became the first step in the introduction of Microsoft 365,” explained Nicklas Hardman, acting Director of IT Office at the University of Borås.

The next step is to conduct a risk and impact assessment prior to the introduction of Teams.

Be sure to stay updated about any possible disturbances in service via the webpage on IT Service Information.