Retendo: A status update

Vice-Chancellor Kim Bolton, who is the project manager for its introduction, said, “It is important to remember that this project’s focus is on implementing a new system. We are not focusing on who will use the new Retendo system or how it will be used.”

He explains that when it comes to those questions, other processes are underway around the university, including the ongoing review of the management structure, that will clarify who will use Retendo.

“In addition, discussions have been initiated, both university-wide and at the Faculty level, about how the system should be used. The ambition is that managers will not micromanage employment planning, as has sometimes been the case with the previous system. Retendo should support our way of working, not control us.”

Tests in progress

The technical implementation of Retendo is going according to plan and several systems such as Primula, Kursinfo, and Ladok have been integrated. Pilot projects are underway and two more departments at the university have wanted to participate in a pilot test. The next phase is to start training employment planners in the system. In May and June, the employment planners included in the new pilot departments will be trained, and then all other employment planners will be trained in August and September.

Facts: Retendo is a tool for planning and following up the work of teachers and researchers. Employment planning in itself is a process performed by managers. The new Retendo system is used by 18 other universities.

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