Salary Review 2020

The Balder building

For members of OFR, managers are to have held follow-up dialogues with information about the new salary no later than 31 March.

New salaries for doctoral students, who receive a salary according to the doctoral student salary ladder, are not yet complete. 

The university conducts an annual salary review to see whether the workplace offers equal pay. The salary survey for 2020 showed that there are unreasonable salary differences between women and men when it comes to lecturers (universitetsadjunkter). To handle this, the Faculties have, in addition to the usual salary review, been allocated extra resources for female lecturers. These resources are distributed individually and are differentiated, and there is thus no individually guaranteed pay increase. The manager will inform those employees concerned if their salary has been adjusted due to an unreasonable salary difference based on gender. The new salary applies from 1 April 2021 and payment is planned for the salary paid in April.