High response rate in the employee survey about the work environment

The employee survey aims to follow up on the work environment as part of the systematic work environment efforts as well as to evaluate different parts of the university and identify development areas to improve and streamline the university as an organisation. This year's response rate landed at 82 per cent, which is at the same high level as the previous survey conducted in 2019.

According to Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten, “The employee survey gives us very important input when it comes to our systematic work with the work environment and in identifying important development areas and improving the university as an organisation, so I am very happy that we had the same high response rate as in the previous survey in 2019. What follows now is the task of taking advantage of this information with the most seriousness and attentiveness possible.”

When all employees have had the opportunity to review the results, in-depth work will be undertaken by managers, who together with employees will develop an action plan for each unit. These should be ready by the end of September.