EduTech to be a permanent resource at the university

The EduTech project was initiated by the Vice-Chancellor at the end of 2019 to strategically strengthen the university's ability to offer high-quality distance education. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to largely conducting distance education for all programmes in March 2020, the project group worked to coordinate the university’s support measures.

The Vice-Chancellor's decision means that Professional Services is tasked with continuing the work of developing EduTech, which is placed organisationally under the University Library.

As Jonas Gilbert, Library Director, explained, “The former project group will now be an EduTech team staffed by several departments within Professional Services and where teachers with special competence in issues concerning digital support are also welcome to join. The EduTech team includes AV specialists, media producers, and strategic IT support.”

“The EduTech team will also work closely with the The Unit for Pedagogical Research and Development in Higher Education”, he added.

Recruitment of Learning Technologists and coordinators for the work of developing the EduTech team is currently underway.

What will the EduTech team be able to help with?

“The overall focus for the EduTech team is to coordinate and develop digital support with learning in focus. We want to gather together those competencies that exist in different parts of the university in order to provide as effective support to teachers as possible. Questions can have to do with digital educational tools or, for example, the production of videos for teaching,” he explained.

“Digitalisation in education has a lot of components, and looking forward, it is important to take advantage of and develop the experiences that we have all gained during the pandemic,” he concluded.

EduTech’s organisational placement and operations will be followed up on in one year.

The Vice-Chancellor's decision can be read in the archives maintained by the Registrar's Office: Reg. no.368-21

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EduTech is an established abbreviation for Educational Technology, which is a collective term for the use of digital tools and methods to support learning.

During the autumn, the EduTech team invites you to exchange experiences via Zoom. The next date is 27 October.

As a teacher, you are welcome to contact the EduTech team with your questions via email: