Study and work environment in focus for Safety Representatives

Are you interested in becoming a Student Safety Representative?

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Come and meet Vera, the Student Safety Representative, outside the University Library on 27 October between 11:00 and 13:00! You can ask any questions you may have, receive an informative brochure, and even fill up your thermos with some coffee!

Why is it important for the students to have a Student Safety Representative? 

“While the systematic work environment efforts at the University of Borås, led by the university and the employees' own Safety Representatives, are also meant to focus on the study environment, Student Safety Representatives can ensure that students’ perspectives are considered and risks that can be especially prevalent in students’ study experience are scrutinised.  

Students have the benefit of noticing risks that are specific to their field of study, which can then be lifted into the systematic work environment efforts at the University of Borås. 

It's important to acknowledge that the high standards we enjoy regarding the work and study environments are a result of the systematic work that Safety Representatives, the university, and Student Safety Representatives lead.” 

Why did you become a Student Safety Representative? 

“When I got offered this position by my predecessor, I didn't hesitate to say yes, as it is such an important representative position to take on for all students' wellbeing at our university. The physical, organisational, digital, and psychological work environments play an important role for students when it comes to succeeding in their educational programmes and being well-equipped professionals in working life. Therefore, it is important to represent the student's perspective and take part in the systematic work environment efforts at the University of Borås.” 

What do you learn from it? 

“Student Safety Representative work introduces you to all the laws connected to the work environment, like the Work Environment Act (Arbetsmiljölagen in Swedish) and the Discrimination Act (Diskrimineringslagen in Swedish). You will also learn a lot about the systematic work performed by all the representatives involved, get practice at participating in professional meetings, and learn how you as a student and future professional can work towards a common goal together with a team consisting of other employees and executives. “ 

What do you get out of it?

“I personally value the insight into work-specific laws and policies as well as the experience of taking part in the systematic work environment efforts together with executives of the university the most. Furthermore, students taking on one of the representative roles are rewarded with a certificate at the end of the year and gain valuable experiences for their future careers. The rewarding feeling of contributing to the well-being of students by actively working on study environment issues is an extra benefit that has made the work so far a gratifying experience.” 

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