Final phase of Canvas implementation

The finish line is thus within sight for the implementation of this new learning platform.

“The number of activities in the old learning platform indicates that we have 15–20 per cent of our courses still there. It is very exciting that more and more teachers have started using Canvas, but it is important during the autumn that the rest take this step,” said Hanna Markusson, Director of the Academic Affairs Office and Project Leader for Canvas’s implementation.

“In the spring term 2022, basically all courses will use Canvas; there are only a few courses with students who, for example, are in their last term that remain in PING PONG. They will also have the opportunity to conduct examinations in PING PONG during the re-examination weeks in August 2022.”

What the planning of the transition looks like is up to the management at each department. Hanna Markusson emphasises the importance of teachers registering for the Canvas courses offered.

Good start to the autumn

The start of the autumn term 2021 has generally gone well even though there have been login problems for some.

“This is due to a problem in the automated transfer from Ladok to Canvas. This is something we cannot influence locally at the university, but we are working on a solution,” said Hanna Markusson.

New students in Canvas are recommended to take the Canvas course for students to get tips on how the learning platform works.

Transfer of material

A common question is how teaching material in PING PONG is transferred to Canvas.

“Unfortunately, there is no automated way to transfer all material between the learning platforms, but rather this is something everyone must be responsible for doing themselves. It can be seen as a good opportunity to review the material, in particular from an accessibility perspective.”

Materials that have been uploaded or documented in PING PONG will, thanks to an archive agreement, be accessible until everything has been archived locally. This agreement runs on an annual basis.

On 1 October 2022, the University of Borås will transfer to regular operations and management of Canvas. Read more about Canvas.

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