Participate in “Eftersnack” immediately after the board meeting

At the Eftersnack, the Chair of the Governing Board of the University of Borås, Gunilla Herdenberg, Vice-Chair Anna Nilsson Ehle, and Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten will speak about what was discussed at the board meeting and invite dialogue on the decisions made and information given. Eftersnack will be held immediately after each board meeting. The discussions will be led by a conversation leader.

“This is a way to increase transparency, participation, and hopefully commitment to strategic issues at the University of Borås; it will be exciting to give this a try, “said Mats Tinnsten.

Board Chair Herdenberg agrees and hopes that the meeting will be well attended, "I am really looking forward to having the opportunity for an interesting and fruitful dialogue based on the issues discussed at the board meeting.”

Welcome to participate

Date: October 6
Time: 16:00–17:00

A save-the-date for the upcoming Eftersnack has already been sent out by email to all employees at the university. A Zoom link to the meeting will be included with the invitation sent out approximately one week prior. It will include information about the topics that will be discussed at the board meeting.

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