High number of applicants to the university’s programmes and courses

Last year, the university had a record number of applicants, probably an effect of the pandemic. This year, slightly fewer applied to the University of Borås, but the percentage decrease is among the smallest in Sweden. And compared with 2020, the number of applicants per spot available remains quite high.

New educational programmes attract many

Two new educational programmes have been added to our offerings: a Bachelor’s Programme in Police Work with a Specialisation in Criminal Investigation, distance education and BSc in Computer Engineering - Specialisation in IT. Both of these have had many applicants.

“When it comes to Bachelor's programme for police, it is very gratifying that many have applied. It shows how important lifelong learning is,” said Mats Tinnsten, Vice-Chancellor.

“The fact that the Computer Engineering programme is popular is proof that we understand the needs of business and industry and can match them with the interests of our future students,” he continued.

Applicants will receive their admissions decisions on 12 July.


The programmes with the most applicants:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  2. Business Administration Programme
  3. Librarian, distance education
  4. Web Content Manager and Designer, distance education
  5. Bachelor Programme in Public Administration, distance education

The courses with the most applicants:

  1. Introduction to programming in Python
  2. Law of Social Welfare
  3. Labour law
  4. Psychology - Basic Course, distance education
  5. Social Media Marketing: Concept Design and Strategy

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