Historical investment in doctoral education in Library and Information Science

The research school Transforming Reading and Source Criticism in Digital Cultures aims to explore information literacy and source criticism through an analysis of the interplay between commercial information infrastructures, institutions, and the demands placed on people in different roles.

“It is usually difficult to obtain external funding for doctoral positions in the field, so we are happy that we were ready for this opportunity,” said Anna Lundh, Associate Professor of Library and Information Science at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science and coordinator of the new research school.

Anna Lundh sees the grant from the Swedish Research Council as a signal of where Library and Information Science is today, but also where it is heading.

“Library and Information Science is a relatively young discipline. The fact that we are now receiving this type of grant shows that it has matured. This will be important for the future of the subject. There is a high demand for those with doctorates in the subject, both in higher education institutions and in other sectors.”

A joint effort

Work on the application has also involved close collaboration among the six higher education institutions involved. “The eleven doctoral students will belong to a common research environment and attend courses together. Current doctoral students will also benefit from this.”

The Swedish Research Council will fund the research school with SEK 23 million during 2023-2026. The new doctoral positions will be advertised after the end of the year.

Those responsible for the research school

Anna Lundh, University of Borås, Coordinator

Other co-applicants and higher education institutions

Rickard Danell, Umeå University
Joacim Hansson, Linnéuniversitetet
Isto Huvila, Uppsala University
Jan Nolin, University of Borås
Pamela Schultz Nybacka, Södertörn University
Olof Sundin, Lund University


Anna Lundh, Associate Professor at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science
Phone: 033-435 59 91
Email: anna.lundh@hb.se