New system will guide the university

The purpose of introducing the new management support system is to create conditions for facilitating and providing support in the planning and follow-up of operations as well as the development of decision support. The focus of the project is the introduction of the system generally as well as the two modules called Management by Objectives and Indicators of Goal Achievement. During the introduction process that has now begun, the form and structure of how the system will be used internally at the university will be set.

“The introduction of the two modules will help us to establish a systematic way of working with planning and following up on the activities in relation to the university's overall goals and strategies. The modules deal with operational plans, action plans, and more, and concern all parts of the organisation at all levels,” said Anna-Karin Josefsson, Project Leader for the introduction.

“The hope is that Lots will increase the quality of university management and offer improved and uniform support to managers and employees, as well as provide support for internal as well as external audits of our operations.”

The new system is not entirely unfamiliar at the university, as the Finance Office has already begun the introduction of the modules Project Support and Financial Follow-up. In the future, more modules in the system may also be relevant.

Lots will be introduced in the spring of 2023. More information will be provided to affected groups on an ongoing basis.

Facts: The university has acquired the Hypergene system through a call-off process. It has been decided that the system at the university will be called Lots. This is an acronym for the Swedish phrase “ledningsstöd och transparens” which is meant to indicate that the system at the University of Borås will deal with management support and transparency. The Project Leader for the introduction is Anna-Karin Josefsson, Administrative Officer at the Vice-Chancellor's Executive Office. The project includes representatives from the Faculties and Professional Services. In addition to the introduction, the project will also produce a system for the administration of Lots.

More information

For more information about Lots and the project, contact Anna-Karin Josefsson.