Satisfied students and a good reputation seen in the 2021 Student Barometer

This Student Barometer is the twelfth to be conducted since 2010. The purpose of the barometer is to find out about students' experiences of their studies at our higher education institution.

According to Peter Sigrén, Lecturer, who analysed and compiled the barometer, “What has been added to this year's survey is that the university's police education programme has been assessed for the first time and it shows very satisfied students within the Faculty of Police Work. When it comes to the total Satisfied Student Index (NSI, for the Swedish Nöjd Student Index) for the entire university, the result is in parity with the previous year's survey. An index measure of 82 out of 100 is considered to be a passing grade. The university's reputation remains good among students.”

The University Library received high values in the Customer Satisfaction Index which includes, among other things, the welcome and assistance students receive at the university's library.

Areas of improvement

For the area of sustainable development, one of several priority areas, the results indicate that students believe that social, economic, and ecological sustainability is an important societal topic, but that it is being discussed too little in educational programmes. Another priority area is a level playing field covering different types of discrimination and here, results indicate a reduction in NSI in relation to the previous year's survey. Another area that could be more developed, according to the survey, is student influence.

About the Student Barometer

The Student Barometer has been carried out annually since 2010 on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor. It goes out to approximately 9,600 students and had a response rate in 2021 of about 1,200 students. It consists of two separate surveys in which one measures quality aspects of education and the other survey measures the priority areas of the university.  NSI is a linked index of 34 individual questions regarding educational quality. Other areas that are included are how the higher education institution works with areas such as sustainable development, a level playing field, library activities, student health, and the activities pursued by the Student Union in Borås.

The purpose of the Student Barometer is to provide an opportunity for Faculties and their departments to improve educational programmes, courses and, to some extent, the work environment for students.

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The Student Barometer 2021 (pdf in Swedish)