Study visits to industries in Pakistan show hope for sustainable textile production

He said of his study visit, “The purpose was to see on site which initiatives for sustainable development have recently been initiated or implemented in textile industries in production countries, and I started with Pakistan.”

What was the result of the visit?

“Just as I expected, the visits and interviews I conducted were very rewarding. I got to see physical improvements. I visited a couple of large-scale denim manufacturers with over 5,000 employees and it was very rewarding to see up close what improvements have been made. It was a very good study by several different manufacturers based on their respective work with sustainable development.”

How will you convey what you brought with you from your visit to Pakistan?

“I have collected theoretical data from the manufacturing industries which I will compile into updated information for my lectures. I have also received teaching materials from one of the manufacturing industries that I will show in my own teaching and have also prepared to share with my colleagues at one of our department meetings.”

Do you recommend your colleagues to make similar competence development trips?

“Absolutely. Visits to large industries show hope for a sustainable future.”