Those nominated for the Pedagogical Prize

Kim Bolton, the university's Pro-Vice-Chancellor, who is a member of the assessment committee, said,

“This year, the jury has received many nominations from highly regarded teachers and teaching teams - about thirty people and teams. Several people and teams have received more than one nomination. It will be a challenge for those of us in the committee to choose among these.

Alice Hultqvist, the students' representative on the committee through the Student Union of Borås, said,

“Many great nominations have been sent to the assessment committee for the Pedagogical Prize. What they have in common is the teachers' commitment to their students and how that contributes to inspiring learning environments. Through their good pedagogical skills, the nominated teachers have not only shown how experienced they are in their respective subject areas, but also how involved they are in their students' learning and development.

Pedagogical Prize

Prize winners are appointed by a committee consisting of, among others, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and a representative from the Student Union of Borås. The Pedagogical Prize has been awarded at the University of Borås since 1992.

The winner(s) will be announced shortly. The prize will be awarded during the Academic Ceremony on 22 April.

The nominees are (teacher or teaching team)

Akram Zamani

Alexis Palma

Börje Hellqvist

Dawan Mustafa

Ellinor Skaremyr

Fardin Saedpanah

Fredrik Ståhl

Helen Lindgren

Ida Hermansson

Jan Buse

Jeanette Carlsson Hauff

Jonas Johansson

Jonas Westman

Kamran Rousta

Kamran Rousta and the teachers in the Energy Engineering Programme

Lars Bohlin and Alexis Palma

Linda Hägerhed

Lisa Loenheim

Madeleine Berndt Stragnér

Magdalena Giertz

Marte Pettersson

Christian Benjaminsson

Mikael Gunnarsson

Nancy Abdallah

Olof Falk

Peter Rittgen

Staffan Svensson

Tina Yngvesson

Tomas Wahnström

Ulrika Hultin