Lindex invests in Spacerpad

“That Lindex will be a majority owner, with its skills and capital, means that we will have a greater opportunity to develop and commercialise Spacerpad,” said Karin Högberg, Senior Lecturer of Caring Science at the University of Borås.

Karin Högberg and Lena Berglin, Associate Professor of Textile Design and Textile Technology at the Swedish School of Textiles, started developing Spacerpad in 2016. Their project has repeatedly been funded by Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad, Chalmers University of Technology Innovation Centre and, in recent years, Vinnova. Over the years, Spacerpad has attracted national as well as international interest. In 2020, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences listed Spacerpad among those Swedish research projects with great sustainability potential. In the same year, researchers met with the UN agency United Nations Population Fund as well as Nobel laureate and founder of the Panzi Hospital, Denis Mukwege.

“The next goal is making our first order, which will be used in the international effort to promote menstrual health. The end user is where my heart lies, so it will be my job to make sure the pads reach them,” said Karin Högberg, who, along with Lena Berglin, will now be partially on leave from the university to work with the company.

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About Spacerpad
Spacerpad looks and feels like a regular pad, but instead of the liquid’s being absorbed into the textile fibres, it settles between the fibres. This unique construction holds the liquid, which is then easily rinsed out with a little water. The sanitary pad dries quickly and is hygienic.

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