Professor at the Swedish School of Textiles takes a key role in a global textile association

“AUTEX is perhaps the most important textile network in the world; it facilitates collaboration in high-level textile education and research. As Vice-President, I am pleased to contribute to the modernisation of AUTEX, thereby strengthening member benefits and AUTEX as a whole,” said Vincent Nierstrasz.

One example of collaboration within AUTEX is E-TEAM, a Master's programme in Textile Engineering in which students spend time at different universities each term. The programme is given at a number of institutions with textile engineering programmes. One advantage of the fact that universities share this Master’s programme is that students benefit from each institution's specialties and unique offerings.

AUTEX was founded in 1994 and it has 41 members from 28 countries. One mission of AUTEX is to encourage student and staff mobility and networking amongst member universities and invited partners, as well as to grow the active research partnerships.

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