ORCID in DiVA – is your authority post complete?

DiVA, the university’s publication database, allows for the creation of so called authority posts for authors and creators. These posts can be used when registering a publication in DiVA, and will connect the author and publication. Among other things, this is a function that saves time at registration, as it automatically fills in author information in the form.

You can put your ORCID – the international identifier used to identify researchers and creators - into your authority post in DiVA. By adding an ORCID to the authority post, your ORCID will be tied to your publications in DIVA.

If you are unsure whether you have already registered your ORCID in DiVA, you can easily fill in the form linked below. Then the library will check for you, and if there is no ORCID in your authority post we will add it for you.

Having your ORCID registered in DIVA is also helpful when librarians are asked to make lists of publications, and find publications in external databases.

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