Sprightly 50-year-old put Borås on the higher education map

Candles and golden flakes

“Finding the right information at the right time has always been the job of libraries, but the focus and tools have evolved enormously in recent decades - and so have we. We will of course continue to develop, both in terms of our education and our research, in relation to the development of society in general, as well as to the continued digitalisation of more and more activities," said Åsa Söderlind, Head of the Swedish School of Library and Information Science.

Why librarianship education ended up in Borås

The decision to move librarianship education to Borås was perhaps a way to compensate the city for the textile industry crisis in the early 1970s. In any case, it was part of the major process of decentralisation of governmental authorities that began in Sweden at this time. The then Minister of Education Ingvar Carlsson, born in Borås and married to a librarian, has been named as the reason for why Borås was chosen, even if that is not the whole story. Fifty years later, choosing Borås has proved to be a successful move for the development of education and research at the University of Borås.

The educational programmes at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, which were originally professionally oriented, have gradually become more academic over the past 50 years. Today, several programmes are offered at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. There are currently around 30 teaching staff and researchers with doctorates and around 15 doctoral students in the field of library and information science at the University of Borås.

The celebrations on 10 November

In tune with the spirit of the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, 10 November offers both knowledge sharing and festivities. The jubilee will be organised in conjunction with the conference Mötesplats Profession – Research (9-10 November). Professionals from education and research within the library area will gather.

The afternoon of 10 November offers a cake buffet and a commemorative cavalcade as past and present students and staff share their memories of the first half-century of the Swedish School of Library and Information Science. Later in the evening, registrants will gather for dinner and continued mingling.


Maria Ringbo, Project Leader for the celebrations

Åsa Söderlind, Head of Swedish School of Library and Information Science