Seminar on research ethics review focuses on relevant topic

The university's Research Ethics Committee started up earlier this year and offers support and advice on research ethics issues. We asked Anna Lundh, Associate Professor at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science and member of the committee, some questions ahead of the seminar on 17 November.

Your seminar is intended to give researchers and doctoral students the basic knowledge they need when applying for research ethics review. Who needs these skills and why?
– Everyone who does research does, in all disciplines. Legislation in the area has changed in recent years and many people need to update their knowledge regarding ethical review.

What is the most important message you want to send to researchers who are considering whether they need to send in an application to the Ethical Review Agency?
– I think that all researchers who are going to start data collection need to think about whether their planned study requires an application.

Where can researchers turn if they have questions about research ethics and their research?
– It depends a little on what questions they have. Regarding ethics review, the Ethical Review Agency has a good webpage with answers to common questions. As a researcher at the University of Borås, you can also ask questions of the Research Ethics Committee, which meets once a month. If it concerns legal issues, for example about what constitutes personal data or what can be considered sensitive personal data, you can contact the university's Legal Experts Henrik Schmidt and Åsa Dryselius. Of course, there should be a discussion within each subject area regarding research ethics as well.

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