Are you up and running with your personal start page?

Do you log in regularly to see up-to-date information or are you possibly risking missing out on important information? Have you chosen what news you want to see or added direct links to the tools you frequently use?

As an employee at the university, you access your personal start page (often called PS) by logging in to with your usual user information.

Once logged in, you will receive access to personal messages addressed to you based on your organisational affiliation and your role. For example, if you are employed at a department at Professional Services, but work closely with a Faculty/department, you will also receive information directed towards that Faculty/department (your manager is responsible for this manual option).

You can also choose which news and calendar feeds you wish to see. If you tap on the "human symbol" in the upper right corner, you will see a column where you can customise the following fields:

  • Favourites
  • My tools
  • My colleagues

PS vs. Teams

So what is the difference between the personal start page and Teams? Briefly, it can be explained like this:

  • Your personal start page – the university’s primary channel for internal information for employees and managers. Via the personal start page, you receive important information specifically aimed at your role, your work tasks, and/or your organisational affiliation. It provides important university-wide information. You can also personalise tools and mark specific webpages as favourites and more.
  • Teams – a collaboration and communication tool that can facilitate daily work among colleagues and give you the opportunity to have quick contact with your colleagues via its chat function.

New features in the works

Some updates and adjustments are underway for your personal start page: two major new features are in the works.

Choose which messages you want to see

A feature called "stationed at light" will be launched. This means that you as an employee can choose from which other organisational units/departments or roles you want to receive notifications. The choice will be similar to how you choose news feeds today, that is, in a list where you can choose to tick the message feeds you want.

You will not be able to opt-out of receiving university-wide notices or notices for your existing organisational unit and role. Choosing the role "manager" will not be an option as these messages are only shown to managers with personnel responsibilities.

Filter and save messages

You'll soon be able to save messages you want to return to later. You'll also be able to filter among messages sent from specific people, departments, and more, or messages sent in a specific date range. 

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