Leadership development programme for the university’s managers

In mid-September, a start-up conference was held in which Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten was present.

“This leadership development programme has been developed based on the university's wishes and needs, including based on our vision and our goals. It is important that all managers participate so that the university can develop towards its goal of being a full university, with all the qualities that it entails.  By having all managers at all levels go through the same programme where we have a shared view of our goals, learn common tools, and have a fruitful exchange of experiences, we believe this will create the best conditions for us to realise our vision.

“The programme will further strengthen the university's managers so that with increased certainty, strengthened courage, and a well-stocked toolbox together with our employees, we can take the University of Borås to the next step in our development,” said Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten.

All managers at all levels in the organisation must attend the programme. After the first training opportunity for the university's head leadership, four more cohorts will start in 2023 and 2024.

About the leadership development programme

The leadership development programme is being provided by Psykologpartners Organisation & Ledarskap. A steering group consisting of the Vice-Chancellor, elements of the university's leadership, and HR has, together with Psykologpartners, developed the basic structure for the university’s programme. Psykologpartners will then, together with a planning group consisting of participant representatives from various parts of the university's operations, shape the content further. The intent is to make the programme relevant and rewarding for the university’s managers.