The importance of closing cases in W3D3

Annually, the Chancellor of Justice conducts a review of all government authorities' cases at the Registrar's Office.* The aim is to examine whether the authorities handle their cases in a fair and legally certain manner. In the most recent review, the University of Borås received comments about shortcomings in its handling of cases. 

The shortcomings are that not all parts of a case are sent to the Registrar’s Office for record keeping and that cases are not closed in the system even though the case management is actually completed.

“As an authority, it is important that we enable the public to take part in all decisions and actions. This is a part of having an open society. By having everything related to the case recorded, we increase our transparency and fulfil citizens' right to access public documents,” said Camilla Palsén, Registrar.

“It is important that you, as an employee at the university, take responsibility for your cases, both when it comes to making sure that all documents are sent in for record keeping and that the case is closed when decisions have been made and the handling is complete.”

As a reminder, in order to get more cases to be closed correctly, a list (balance sheet) is sent twice a year to all managers, which states which cases are open in each department. The next occasion is in October.

*No later than 1 March each year, the university must submit a list of its cases to the Chancellor of Justice. The list must include cases that contain some form of decision and which were registered before 1 July of the previous year and which were not completed by the end of the year.

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For questions about case management in Registrar’s Office, contact the Registrar.