Still at the top in climate ranking

It is the fourth time the ranking has been carried out by the Climate Students Movement and the University of Borås has reported results each time. In the most recent survey in 2022, the university ended up in fourth place.

"It feels good that our work is stable and that the university is still high on the list," said Nils Lindh, Administrative Officer responsible for the university's sustainability work.

The ranking was of 20 Swedish universities using data from 2022. Generally speaking, the ranking shows that aviation emissions have increased again after the pandemic, and his is also noticeable in Borås.

What is most important in the university's climate work right now?

"Sustainable development is an important priority for the University of Borås. Recently, a university-wide meeting was arranged for the university's employees regarding the climate, where, among other things, new targets for reducing emissions from air travel were discussed," said Nils Lindh.