Newspapers and magazines

Different content in the services

The four services for newspapers and magazines have slightly different content and layout.

Mediearkivet Retriever Research

The Mediearkivet provides access to articles from many Swedish newspapers and magazines. International titles are also available in the service. There is material from TV, web and podcast. In the Mediearkivet, it is possible to search and limit in several ways, for example by language and country. Full text is available in many cases and is mainly delivered as text without original layout even if it occurs, as well as links to web pages.

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PressReader focuses on current newspapers from an international perspective. There are a few Swedish daily newspapers, but more international ones. In PressReader there are also journals and magazines on various subjects. Everything from food and drink, fashion, art, technology to politics. Many are published in English, but other languages also appears. The layout is based on browsing the material, which means that the content imitates the printed one. PressReader also has an app where an account can be created.

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Primo - the tab Newspapers

In Primo, it is possible to search for material from international newspapers, mainly American ones. Primo does not contain current articles, they are a few days or older. Primo newspaper search can be used to follow an event or question backwards in time. In the first place, articles are delivered in text format and not as newspaper pages.

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Svenska dagstidningar

For the historical researcher or those interested, Svenska dagstidningar (Swedish newspapers) is valuable as it contains digitized newspaper pages from the Swedish daily press. In order to be able to make full use of Svenska dagstidningar, a visit to the library is required. According to our agreement with the supplier, we can only provide access to material in the service via computer on site. However, it is possible to search the service remotely to check the amount of material that is available. In order to be able to save newspaper pages (by emailing them to yourself) an account needs to be created in Svenska dagstidningar.

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Printed newspapers and magazines

The library has the following printed daily newspapers:

- Borås Tidning
- Dagens Industri
- Dagens Nyheter
- Göteborgs Posten
- Svenska Dagbladet

You will find them on floor 1.

In the Library's lounge on floor 2, there are a number of journals and magazines of a slightly more popular and lighter nature. Welcome in for a reading session.