Alumni of the Year 2023: Amin Omrani and Jerker Kryander

Collage picture of Amin Omrani and Jerker Kryander

Amin Omrani, Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, has built a career as a prominent entrepreneur, successfully navigating the complex world of business strategy and responsible investment.

Jerker Kryander, Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering, has dedicated his career to sustainable construction and engagement in collaboration, where he is a constant driving force with innovative ideas and projects.

The two role models now share the Alumnus of the Year award.

“This year's alumni are inspirations in their fields, and in various ways they have also shown great commitment to the importance of being a good role model and ambassador. This is what the Alumnus of the Year is all about. The award is a source of pride not only for our former and current students, but also for those of us who are part of the university," said Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten.

Amin Omrani was surprised and delighted when he received the call that he was the 2023 Alumnus of the Year:

“As an entrepreneur, you sometimes are quite alone in your bubble, thinking no one is watching. It was therefore a surprising but very nice call to receive, and it is of course very flattering to receive this award," said Amin Omrani.

For Jerker Kryander, the Alumnus of the Year award is proof that his work is making a difference.

“It is a token of appreciation for what I do in my everyday life, which may not always be as tangible. As a person, I enjoy working together to create a better, more sustainable and inclusive society," he said.


Amin Omrani - CEO and founder of the Rebellion group of companies

"Amin Omrani is not only a brilliant role model for young people with a foreign background, but also an inspirational force that clearly shows that education opens doors to good career opportunities and also enables responsible entrepreneurship. Amin's career has been impressive. His drive has not only made its mark within the Serendipity Group, where he spent 10 years, four of them as CEO, but also by starting Rebellion, a group of companies mainly based in Sweden.

Amin Omrani is a prominent investor and entrepreneur who has been named one of Sweden's super talents not once, but twice. His successes and achievements stand as proof of his skill and dedication to his work. Most importantly, his role as a source of inspiration for young talent in the field. Through his involvement in networks working to encourage young people in disadvantaged areas, he has shown that it is possible to overcome difficulties and succeed, regardless of background. His success confirms that the potential within each individual serves as an important link between academic success and societal impact."

Jerker Kryander - Business Development Manager and Office Manager, Tengbom

"Jerker Kryander is an accomplished business development manager at the architectural firm Tengbom and a prominent voice for sustainable construction. He is also an inspirational force for current students at the University of Borås. Ever since obtaining his Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Jerker has consistently and dedicatedly worked to promote positive cooperation with the university. His pride in his own studies and development at the University of Borås is obvious and infectious to others. He is known to be genuine and honest in his commitment. His drive for sustainability, social issues and equality makes him a major player in building engagement in various fields, from social sustainability to the reuse of concrete.

Jerker Kryander is a passionate advocate of collaboration and has established himself as a well-known and respected figure in the local area. His involvement spans many areas and is characterised by an impressive breadth. By being an active and influential alumnus of the University of Borås, Jerker Kryander has not only contributed to strengthening the ties between the university and industry, but has also inspired and guided future generations of professional engineers."

About the Alumnus of the Year Award
The University of Borås gives out the Alumnus of the Year award to mark the meritorious efforts of former students. It is given yearly to two people since 2020. Recipients are awarded a diploma, a place on the university's Wall of Fame, and the opportunity to give a guest lecture.

Nominations can be submitted by anyone with a connection to the University of Borås such as staff, students, the Student Union, and the university's alumni. Decisions on who should be awarded the award are made by the Vice-Chancellor on a proposal prepared by a jury group consisting of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (chair), representatives from the university, the Student Union, Borås Näringsliv, and Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad.

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