Many thoughts on the further development of the personal start page

Just over two years ago, the Communications Office was asked by Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten to develop a personal start page for the employee website, a solution that would improve internal communication and access to work-related information, reduce the amount of email, and provide insight into what's happening at the university.

Statistics have been produced for the number of logins for the personal start page in 2022 and the average number of unique persons logged in is 343 per day in 2022 (Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays have been excluded from the statistics).

Survey gave good input

In December 2022, a survey was sent out to all employees at the university, giving them the chance to have their say on the personal start page. A total of 232 responses were received, giving a response rate of 27% (which is in line with other surveys addressed to all employees). Most say they log in every day.

Some results from the survey:

  • Almost 80% partially agree, strongly agree, or completely agree with the statement that "PS is easy to use".
  • Most also agree that "Messages I receive via PS feel relevant".
  • Most respondents strongly or completely agree with the statement "I have received information on how PS works".
  • Almost 40% strongly agree with the statement "My manager writes messages in PS" and about 30% disagree or strongly disagree. The figures for "My manager encourages the use of PS" look similar.
  • And 10% of respondents disagree or strongly disagree with the statement "I read messages" while the rest are on the positive end of the scale, i.e. partly agree, strongly agree or completely agree.

Managerial commitment crucial for uptake

It is also clear from the survey that the manager's use of the personal start page is a key factor in getting employees to log in and use the system themselves.

Although the project for the introduction of the personal start page is now complete, work continues on further development and management, just as for the university website in general. Many suggestions for features and improvements have been noted both from and in addition to the survey. Work also continues to clarify which information belongs in which channel.

More information

If you as a manager would like help with PS, please contact your Faculty Communications Officer or email

Everything you need to know about the personal start page (manuals, Q&As, etc.)

The full final report of the project and the results of the survey are available in the archives maintained by the Registrar's Office under Reg. no. 208-21.

If you have any questions or requests regarding the further development of the personal start page, please contact